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Emission "DAROVI" TV Hram
Author and presenter: Marina Stefanović
Broadcast: 19. January 2017. on the Twelfth day

European painting exhibition in Minsk, ПОЛИТИКА 26.12.2016.

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RTS - That's the thing - Focus group - of which live painters - 14/11/2016

ILUSTROVANA POLITIKA, 16. february 2016.

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GLORIA, 22. march 2016.

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BelGuest, april 2016. (interview)

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Makedonska videlina, april 2016. (interview)

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Dear friends,

On Tuesday, 23rd December 2014 at 19.00, the International Art Studio Radovan Trnavac Mica proudly presents an exhibition of paintings and objects of our renowned and internationally acclaimed artist, Radovan Trnavac Mica, entitled Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

In April 1995, Radovan Trnavac Mica held a large retrospective exhibition. This was due to the fact that the management of the National Museum in Belgrade at the time, led by its director Jevta Jevtovic, invited Radovan Trnavac Mica among other artists to exhibit their work and mark the museum’s 150th anniversary.

The opening night of the exhibition not only attracted a crowd of approximately 2000 people and massive attention of the Serbian public, but was also highly praised by the media.

Almost 20 years later, the management of the International Studio in Valjevo has decided to put up a retrospective exhibition of paintings and objects by our very own Radovan Trnavac Mica. Even though our facilities can not accommodate a large number of exhibits, the organizers have selected works representative of different periods in Mica’s creative history. The visitors will be able to see 17 medium-sized and large paintings and objects created between 1976 and today. The exhibition is also a symbolic ending of the 2014 exhibiting season in the International Art Studio, which was created and founded by Radovan Trnavac Mica.

The International Art Studio has also decided to print poster reproductions of one of the author’s paintings, whose autographed copies are to be sold in the opening night of the exhibition at a symbolic price of 500 RSD. The funds thus gathered are to be used to purchase New Year gift parcels to be donated to Valjevo’s parentless children. This humble charity action has been supported by Valjevo Print and Atellier Vitez. The opening ceremony will be accompanied by the performance of students from the Zivorad Grbic Music School from Valjevo.

The exhibition is on program until 1st Fe bruary 2015.


Serbia has had representatives at the 1stTriennial of Contemporary Art in Minsk “BelExpo-Art-2012”, which took place from 23 November to 9 December 2012 in the capital of Belarus!

Artists who presented Serbia at this prestigious cultural event are: academician, painter and applied artist Dusan Otasevic and academic painters Radovan Trnavac Mica and Vladimir Dunjic, all three proven and authentic artists in contemporary Serbian art.

Selection of Serbian artists for the 1st Triennial of Contemporary Art in Minsk was done by credited art historian Moma Pavlovic.

At the Triennial elected Serbian artists presented their works, oil paintings and objects, along with selected artists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The organizers of this grand exhibition of art and cultural production which was held in Belarus for the first time were the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and the Contemporary Art Center in Minsk.

The idea of ​​the event is the presentation of the broader field of contemporary art, new ways of creating and experimenting in different artistic directions, and observing the interactions of different styles and genres. Thus, for example, the audience could enjoy not only in art, sculpture, graphic art, installations, photography, but also in music performance, theater arts, and even in the Prêt-à-Porter fashion show!

The organizers of “BelExpo-Art-2012” say they wanted to introduce the Belarus public with highly creative art and to show the audience that it is still necessary to observe the art not only visually but also mentally in order to fundamentally understand it.


An exhibition of paintings and objects of artist Radovan Trnavac Mića has recently opened in the gallery “New Renaissance” which the audience will be able to see to the middle of June. The latest work: oil on canvas paintings and the inevitable objects that complete the visual experience of Mića’s works are exhibited in this new gallery.

The exhibition was opened by an inspired professor Ratko Bozović who said that Radovan Trnavac Mica is artist who establishes continuity with the most valuable art from the ancient to the present day. According to him Mića is the artist who is constantly improving, who pulsates with the spirit of time and who is seeking for the perfect painting.

This exhibition is just a beginning of the project “New Renaissance” that aims to promote Serbian art in the world more intensively, presenting the young Serbian artists and to return Serbian fine art on the international scene. Many artists have already recognized the importance of the project itself and joined the idea of Serbian and world’s new renaissance scene.

Gallery “New Renaissance” is opened at Mića Trnavac’s family home in 7 Deligradska Street in Belgrade, where a famous Serbian artist Ljubomir Cincar Jankovic once lived and worked. Beta and Risto Vukanović also held the school of visual arts in the same house which among others was attended by Melena Pavlović Barili.

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The exhibition of Radovan Trnavac Mica and Miodrag Djilas Djida

In the Library of the city of Belgrade was opened the exhibition of two ours well-known painters Radovan Trnavac Mica and Miodrag Djilas Djida and until now they have had many group and solo exhibitions in at home and abroad.

Radovan Trnavac Mica was born in 1950 in Kragujevac. His first painting experience he gained at the Teacher’s college in Niksic (Monte Negro) in Professor Nikola Gvozdenovic’s class. After first year of that school, he started studding Academy of fine arts, painting department, in Belgrade, where he graduated in 1977 in Professor Mladen Srbinovic’s class. From 1981 until 2005 he lived in USA where he acquired a great reputation as an artist. He exhibited 32 times in Serbia, Italy, USA, Canada, Poland, FYR Macedonia, Belarus, Republika Srpska and Russia. His paintings are in many museums and private collections around the world.

He exhibited with the most important names of XX century such as Picasso, Rauschenberg, Liechtenstein, Andy Warhol and others. A large number of journalists and technical texts by eminent art critics have been published in magazines around the world and in Serbia. Statuary is also what he does.

About the life and work of Radovan Trnavac have been published three monographs. He wrote for the magazine “Rainbow” where he started a discussion entitled “How to open private galleries”. Thanks to those texts, the government passed the Law on the opening of private galleries, and in 1981 was opened the first private gallery in Belgrade. The city of Valjevo have founded International art studio and gave it the name “Radovan Trnavac Mica” in 1997 and the main goal of studio is to be a host of well-known and recognized artists from all around the world. Since 2005 Radovan Trnavac Mica has lived and worked in Belgrade-Valjevo-New York.

Miodrag Djilas was born in 1932. He finished the Academy of fine arts in Belgrade 1958. He had 28 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions in at home and abroad. Since 1982 he has exhibition in Berlin, in gallery “Milan”. That amazing compound of real, surreal and fantastic in Djilas’ paintings is always coloured by a strong expression or reminiscence or contemplative and philosophical frame.

That’s the way how painting gets the character of bond between life and death, sense and nonsense, eternal and transitory, just like it is in a densely woven song. Because of its story Djilas’ painting can not be explained on rational way - it’s been experienced like a dream or listed to like music. In that story of his the statements were given more like visual and symbolic and less literary and descriptive. The painting is first of all visual-language fact of certain semantic structure and symbolic tightness, and that’s probably the maturity of a certificate of painters.

On Wednesday, 29th june in 21 o’clock in The yard of Central library of the city of Valjevo, was held a promotion of the book “Unusual destinies” by Kosta Dimitrijevic.

The book is a part of the cycle of books and was printed by the publishing house “Prometheus”. The reason for publishing was 60 years of working of our well-known and recognized journalist and writer, Mr. Kosta Dimitrijevic.

In his new book, Kosta Dimitrijevic on witty and lucid way talks about our famous people who marked Serbian culture through details about their lives and nature and reveals known moments from their biographies which were not available to the public. One of those stories is about Radovan Trnavac Mica and it is noted in the observed area of about 45 pages.

The exhibition in County Museum in Petrovac upon Mlava

People who love fine arts had the opportunity to enjoy in paintings of our renowned painter Radovan Trnavac Mica, after many exhibitions at home and abroad for over 30 years of working. The exhibition was opened in County Museum in Petrovac upon Mlava, 14th may 2011 in 20 o’clock in the international event “Night of Museums”. The exhibition was opened by the director of Museum, Mrs. Andjelka Stanisavljevic.

On that occasion was presented most of paintings and objects medium and large format which were incurred in couple of past years. Those works of art give strong impressions which are important attribute of Trnavac’s creative art and make to think and the awakening of consciousness. After the opening, visitors had the opportunity to see a performance of making piece of art which was jointly painted by Radovan Trnavac and Dragan Milosavljevic, two friends from Academy of fine arts who graduated on painting department in Professor Mladen Srbinovic’s class. The piece of art which has incurred that night was remained as a lasting gift to the Regional Museum.

Contemporary painter: Radovan Trnavac Mica – The mirror of the time

After spending 25 years in New York where he sold the painting for 100000 USA dollars, Radovan Trnavac Mica continuous his carrier in Belgrade. In interview with editor Vesko Butric in TV show “The mirror of the time”, Radovan Trnavac reveals that he spends 10 hours a day in atelier, that he lives to paint and he believes that the art is the mirror of our time. Starting from the premise that a good artist must be a good man, Trnavac talks about experience of creation abroad where the art market is well organized, perceived status creator in here and reminds us that the base of art is the artist by himself.

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Documentary about Mica

American director of documentary film, Victor Patrisevich, origin Russian, was following Mica’s life and his creativity in America for 15 years. The maintained tape contains 8 hours of film from that period and now Patrisevich is working on feature documentary and it will be dedicated to the work of Radovan Trnavac Mica in USA. The documentary will be shown both in Serbia and abroad.